104: Workflow Learning: What is It and HOW Do You Do It?!!

28 Oct 2019

Everything is moving into the workflow, from our social circles to learning. Workflow Learning has emerged as a powerful discipline that helps learners learn WHILE actually doing their jobs. This isn’t a redo of “job aids”. This is embedded, contextual, realtime learning, often while a learner doesn’t even know they're doing it. For many in L&D this is a huge mind-set and instructional leap, but when done correctly it can transform the impact of our deliverables in amazing ways. Let’s get together to qualify and quantify this powerful new discipline. In this session we’ll discuss:

  • What exactly IS Workflow Learning?
  • What methodologies help make Workflow Learning scalable and measurable?
  • What are existing and emerging learning platforms help make Workflow Learning a reality?
Bob Mosher, CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist - APPLY Synergies & Co-Founder of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology