315: VR for Soft Skills Training: Hype vs. (Virtual) Reality

28 Oct 2019
Coronado S/T
Virtual Reality

Within enterprise L&D, the concept of applying VR to soft skills training at scale remains largely unexplored, in part due to concerns over user experience. At PwC, our L&D and Emerging Tech Lab conducted a large-scale study to explore the effectiveness of VR (vs. ILT and eLearning) as a delivery method for soft skills training. Join us for this interactive session to follow our journey, experience the lessons we learned, and work together to:

  • • Solve a training problem with virtual reality
  • • Scale the delivery of a virtual reality training experience
  • • Identify first steps to implement this in your own organization
Mary Lefaiver, Manager, Digital Design and Development - PwC
Jill Kirtland, L&D Innovation Manager - PwC