816: Video Transforms Knowledge Sharing Culture

29 Oct 2019
Coronado S/T
Video for Learning

Ten thousand "baby boomers" retire daily in North America, taking their knowledge and experience with them. Like many organizations, we had no easy way to capture, transfer, and allow others to find knowledge that lives within their colleagues. Knowing that 65% of people are visual learners, we decided to implement a YouTube-like video platform to transform our knowledge sharing culture. We now use video to capture subject matter expertise and transfer instructor-led learning into eLearning. Join this session to explore:

  • • How video is transforming the way we share knowledge in the workplace
  • • The benefits a video platform provides our L&D capabilities team
  • • Various ways our video platform is being used: successes and challenges to date
Frances Mayfield, .Program LeaderGlobal R&E Capability - Kimberly Clark