603: The Facilitator’s Role in Immersive Training Programs: Skills Needed for Success

29 Oct 2019
Coronado M/N

There's an explosion of Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) training programs, many of which need facilitator support. Therefore, we need to ask: "What's the facilitator role? and “What skills do facilitators need in these immersive environments?" In this interactive session, you’ll compare the similarities and differences between the "traditional classroom trainer" role and the new "learning experience facilitator" role. And you will learn 5 facilitation skills needed to be successful in the immersive classroom.

  • •Identify types of VR, AR & MR learning programs that require facilitator support
  • •Compare differences between traditional classroom facilitation and learning experience facilitation
  • •Recognize skills needed to be an effective facilitator in an immersive AR/VR environment
Cindy Huggett, Principal / CEO - Cindy Huggett Consulting LLC