741: The Art of Pro Wrestling: Storytelling, Practice and Failure

29 Oct 2019

The lights go dark, the first chord of music strikes, and you feel the energy pulse through your veins. As you walk through the curtain the crowd begins to chant, “YEARN TO LEARN!” The crowd is eager to see what happens next. Professional wrestling has proven the importance of storytelling, so why aren’t learning professionals utilizing this same technique to connect with their audience? Join us to discuss how we can learn three lessons from professional wrestling:

  • •Storytelling has the power to engage audiences in a meaningful way
  • •Deliberate practice is essential to making a story come to life
  • •Failure and experience are essential to learning.
Coleman Williams, Senior Manager of Learning Enablement - AvidXChange
Maggie Redling, Manager of Learning & Development - AvidXChange