101: Building Meaning At Work

28 Oct 2019
Durango 1

Many of your own workforce are probably disengaged and not fully committed to your organization or its aims and objectives. We’ll discuss what you can do to turn them around, and even look at how you can build meaning and purpose in your own role. We want a world where people love their work, and jump out of bed with enthusiasm at the thought of the day facing them. We will explore some of the biggest turnoffs in the workplace and how some companies have addressed those issues to transform the atmosphere and environment – helping to make productivity and profitability soar..

  • * Explore the elements of disengagement
  • * Work on overcoming some of those elements particularly using a learning frame
  • * Learn how to make a difference, and a bigger impact every single day.
Nigel Paine, Managing Director - Nigel Paine.Com ltd