623: Look Up! If You Want to Build a Learning Culture, Never Start with Learning

29 Oct 2019
Fiesta 5

Explore the fundamental components of a learning organization and culture, and your own readiness. Too many models are complex and impossible to implement. Author and thought leader Nigel Paine will show a simpler and more resilient model from his research and case studies. In this highly participative session you do some of the initial analysis in small groups to create actionable outcomes to take back and begin building a learning culture in your organization. Nigel will share the conclusions of the research he did to complete his book, “Workplace Learning: How to Build a Culture of Continuous Workplace Development”.

  • * Explore a simple model that will help you define the state of readiness in your own organization
  • * Work on some of the elements of the model so you understand what you need to do to begin the journey
  • * Take away the first stage of an action plan to implement a learning culture
Nigel Paine, Managing Director - Nigel Paine.Com ltd