802: Talk to Your Learners, Not About Them: Trends in Learner Experience

29 Oct 2019
Monterrey 2/3

Modern learners are empowered consumers who vote with their feet on whether our learning systems, content, and experiences are worth their time. Times have changed and we have to listen to what they want, find a way to meet business needs, AND meet the learners’ expectations. This session is focused on learning to use the tools of user experience (UX) to build amazing experiences that get and maintain your learners’ attention: personas, journey maps, click paths, and usability studies. Topics include:

  • •An examination of trends in the marketplace on learner reactions to our learning experiences and what we should do with that data
  • •When and how to complete usability studies and user research to create richer experiences, including sample scripts you can use
  • •How to create click paths and journey maps to identify moments of need and integrate learning when it’s most needed and desired
Matthew Daniel, Principal and founder - The Learner Collective