612: Strategic Use of Training to Drive Culture and Compliance

29 Oct 2019
Compliance, Change Management, Mergers

Blending cultures during a joint venture is a daunting task. The Change Healthcare L&D team was tasked with developing a single code of conduct that reflected the new culture and identity to be used as a catalyst to jump start culture and brand-building efforts and customer retention during a multi-billion-dollar joint venture. The goal was to emphasize that the new joint venture company required a more robust approach to compliance, and to help employees to recognize and resolve business conduct and/or ethical concerns.

  • •Re-think your compliance training completely to include brand and culture
  • •Use training as a catalyst for strategic change initiatives
  • •Apply continuous improvement to reinforce the behaviors that make up the culture with enabling technologies, content updates, and new challenges
Peter Stycos, VP, Learning & Development - Change healthcare