314: SME Nightmares: Stop the Battle & Start the Partnership

28 Oct 2019
Durango 1

Developing learning in any media can be difficult when SMEs aren't engaged (e.g. they send you PowerPoint files and ask you to make them look good before posting them to the LMS). This was our experience regularly at Coke Florida. By formalizing and following a learning and development process, and communicating it effectively to our leaders and stakeholders, we're gaining true partnerships with our SMEs when developing training for both online and ILT/VILT delivery. During this session we will focus on:

  • • The historical way training requests were addressed in our organization
  • • The new process: what it looks like and how it’s been communicated
  • • The changes we’ve seen to date and how we’ve improved the quality of learning
Lori Adams, .Director, Talent & Learning - Coca-Cola Beverages Florida