624: Sleep Health at Work: The Imperative of Learning Leaders to Promote Wellness

29 Oct 2019

Sleep has critically important effects on how we function in the workplace. Sleep deprivation and disturbances cost US businesses in excess of $63 billion a year and may endanger the health and safety of workers. In L&D, we see firsthand the impact on focus, learning, retention and recall, both in the classroom and on the job. Many companies have implemented wellness programs which include monitoring and improving sleep habits, as a way of improving the health of their workforce. L&D is critical to the success of these programs.

  • •Discuss the main workplace factors that impact the quantity and quality of sleep, including research on sleep habits and the impact of sleep on employee learning, well-being, behavior, and productivity
  • •Identify ways that organizations are fostering a “sleep-friendly” cultures and healthy lifestyles, especially in global companies
  • •Discover health promotion measures L&D leaders can use to help.
Meredith Ellison, Vice President, Programs - National Sleep Foundation
Rhonda Payne, . - ASAE