950: Shhh… Digitization of the Dirty Little Secret: Instructor-Led Training

30 Oct 2019
Coronado G

We know your little secret. In this age of shiny new digital learning solutions, you’re still using (wait for it…) Instructor-Led Training. *Gasp!* The good news? The secret’s out and you’re in good company! ILT is being used to some degree by 97% of companies. And, it’s been rated as the most effective way to learn! So, what’s the role of ILT in the new learning ecosystem? And, what can be done to make it shiny and new?

  • •The most current trends for Instructor-Led Training in the learning ecosystem
  • •What to do with your LMS when it comes to ILT… Fix it or ditch it?
  • •How to automate, optimize and better manage ILT with your learning tech stack
Stephan Pineau, CEO - Training Orchestra