941: Reverse Mentoring: Learning from 30 Under 30

30 Oct 2019
Durango 2

Sometimes, we need to learn and be mentored by people who are at the other end of their careers, like our Thirty Under 30 learning colleagues. This is a unique session that will provide you the opportunity to interact one-on-one and in small groups with bright, focused, and opinion-rich colleagues in the first decade of their careers. We will keep this session moving along with opportunities for you to ask and get feedback about learning, business, careers, instructional design, social media, and generational “cartoons͟”.

  • Topics of conversation could include:
  • •Affecting change: how great ideas get squashed by senior leaders
  • •How can we cater to the differing expectations of older professionals vs. young people entering the workplace? Should we͍? How can we avoid generalizations of young professionals vs. older professionals?
  • •Your corporate ladder isn’t our corporate ladder
Andy Hyde, Global Learning & Development Lead - Boston Consulting Group
Meghan Castillo, Learning Experience Designer - HubSpot