832: Rapid Onboarding in the Age of Digital Transformation

29 Oct 2019
Coronado E

Digital transformation (DT) is the #1 concern of senior executives, but 70% of all digital transformation (DT) initiatives do not reach their goals. By reorienting the onboarding process to take advantage of digital resources, organizations can streamline their onboarding procedures and cultivate digital literacy while also achieving their projected DT goals. Join us to learn how a digital approach for pre-boarding and onboarding can decrease time to productivity and level-up your DT process.

  • •Engage learners by personalizing their onboarding experience through a qualitative data driven approach
  • •Jumpstart the learning process by prioritizing content and delivery methods for pre-boarding new hires
  • •Optimize onboarding by integrating learning into everyday work through accessible on-demand resources
Anna Sargsyan, CLO - AllenComm
Ron Zamir, ceo - AllenComm