801: Putting the Science of Learning into Practice

29 Oct 2019
Monterrey 1

Findings from learning science research point to the need for L&D programs designed to utilize active learning, deliberate practice, visual coding, the generation effect, and other related techniques. But how can L&D professionals best apply these approaches to create programs that will make new skills and knowledge stick for professional learners? In this interactive session we explore a framework for systematically employing the science of learning to create memorable trainings with lasting outcomes.

  • - Identify principles and techniques based on learning science that are applicable to a wide range of learning modalities and solution
  • - Analyze how human cognition and memory work to help learners process information and reinforce key concepts and skills
  • - Recognize how learning programs based on evidence of how people learn can more effectively translate knowledge into practical habits and behaviors
James Genone, Associate Dean of Academic Program - Minerva Project
Gloria Tam, Associate Dean, Professional Learning - Minerva