815: Performance Support Cuts Time to Competency

29 Oct 2019
Coronado M/N
Performance Support

We helped our communications team shift to a “performance support first” learning model and created an entirely new onboarding system. The result has been remarkable: time to competency for new graphics and media designers has decreased from 18 months to 6-9 months across all global locations. Historically, these new hires needed extended periods of time to become independent contributors due to the complexity and expectations of their jobs, the team’s global distribution, and the traditional onboarding process. Join us to:

  • • Learn how we changed the mindsets of key stakeholders to help them embrace a performance support/learning-in-the-workflow approach
  • • Discuss best practices in designing, maintaining, and measuring the impact of a totally new learning system
  • • Experience a demo of our new onboarding process
Anuradha Ramakrishnan, Learning Manager - McKinsey & Company
Katie Coates, Senior Learning Manager - McKinsey & Company
Dorte Landwehr, Director Operations - McKinsey & Company
Barbara Matthews, Head of Risk and ADI Learning - McKinsey & Company