814: Mixed Reality for Immersive & Personalized Onboarding

29 Oct 2019
Mixed Reality/Onboarding

Can Mixed Reality (VR, AR, and Immersive Visualization) help change YOUR reality when it comes to how fast and how well you onboard people? Do you have the right architecture in your digital ecosystem to create immersive, engaging, personalized, trackable learning pathways that get your workforce (or volunteer-force) future-ready? Mixed Reality offers a super-efficient way to make this happen, and it’s critical to get the roll-out right. Are your designers, drivers, and digital systems aligned to help in this process? Join this session to learn about:

  • • Creating personalized learning paths: curating content into packages that tick the right boxes
  • • Incorporating AR and VR experiences to heighten immersion and ensure relevant learning
  • • Options for architecture and ecosystem definition to help you design and deliver onboarding experiences
Kelly Parsons, Jumpstart Program Manager - Ericsson
Vidya Krishnan, Global Chief Learning Officer - Ericsson
Protima Talapatra, Head of GLP Digital Learning India - Ericsson