831: Mindsets that Matter – Hint: It’s Not Just the Learners’

29 Oct 2019
Coronado F

In corporate learning and development, we often talk about a learner's growth mindset or creating learning experiences that can change employees' mindsets. Rarely do we discuss the mindset that L&D professionals need to bring to course design and facilitation to empower learners, scale organizational learning, and shape the success of the programs. During this session, we will assess the attitudes we collectively bring to program management, design, and facilitation to explore the types of mindsets that can strategically improve learner outcomes.



Learning outcomes:

  • Discuss key questions for understanding L&D mindsets
  • Self-assess mindset strengths and improvement areas
  • Develop action items for implementing mindsets that matter in your work
Andrew Linford, Senior Operations Manager - NovoEd