762: Measurement ‘SHOW and TELL’: SHOW Me What Works or TELL Me How to Fix It

29 Oct 2019
Coronado E

How do you know if your programs are effective? Explorance has created a practical, theory-driven, impact model that shows which aspects of training lead to learning and performance improvement. The model also serves as a useful tool for prioritizing aspects of training that need improvement. areas for improvement. Come hear how the model was created and tested. More importantly, come hear how you can use it to determine which programs are showing impact and which programs need improvement.

  • •Insight about how to show the link between training and performance improvement
  • •Insight about the three most important training factors that lead to learning and performance improvement
  • •A practical model for demonstrating the value of training and prioritizing areas for improvement
John Mattox, Head of Talent Research - Explorance