103: Maximizing Brain Potential: The 7 Steps to Learning & Habit Change

28 Oct 2019
Monterrey 1

Are you making the most of your learning potential? We all know the challenge of making meaningful change that lasts. How can we keep the momentum built on a training event or course going long after the event has finished, and stop from reverting to our old habits? Scientists have made many exciting and ground-breaking discoveries on how the brain learns and changes throughout adulthood. This session is an opportunity to learn what can be woven in to make the learning stick!

  • •Discover why approaching habit change and learning with conscious choice and awareness, yields results quicker
  • •Understand the 7 steps that need to be revisited over and over in the process of change and learning in order to embed long-term change
  • •Apply the 7 steps to a change you wish to make to enable lasting changes
Celine Mullins, CEO - Adaptas Training