343: LRS/LXP: What the Research Told Us (And Why It's Probably Wrong)

28 Oct 2019
Coronado F

This year we undertook a large primary research study into Learning Experience Platforms, Learning Record Stores and the specific features that organizations are looking for. The research was very illuminating but arose as many questions as it answered. Our experience suggests that the truth is something much more nuanced than we see in the results...Join us to debate the difference between what learning organizations say they want, what they really care about and what actually brings them value.

  • •Gain insight from our primary research into the LXP and LRS market
  • •See where you or your peers fit into the current landscape - and where they're going
  • •Share your own expert beliefs about value and impact in a rapidly-changing landscape of learner and organizational needs
Anna Lloyd, Head of Product Management - Learning Pool