251: Life is Good, Really: Beating Burnout by Building Resiliency

28 Oct 2019
Monterrey 1
Resiliency Building

Burnout is a hot topic in the workplace. Factors contributing to burn-out can be compassion stress and compassion fatigue, leading to profound physical and mental exhaustion, loss of pleasure in work and in daily life. A key to beating burnout is building resiliency. Take an hour to explore a case study on developing an internal resiliency building program that focuses on building a culture of well-being through raising awareness, enhancing communication and personal wellness.

  • Identify the impacts of acute and chronic stress on our employees
  • Determine your level of compassion stress, fatigue or burnout using a validated tool for measuring levels of stress
  • Discuss the benefits of building resiliency in our changing workforce
Judy Murray, Associate Director, Animal Welfare Training - Charles River