531: Learning Pathways: Deliver an Experience from On-Boarding to Succession

29 Oct 2019
Durango 1

Technology is evolving. Baby boomers are retiring. Retention and attrition are two words HR wants to ditch from their daily vocabulary. Where does responsibility lie when it comes to engagement at work? Explore the employee lifecycle and how to close the expectations gap. Through interactive discussion, we will consider the roles of mindset and motivation from onboarding to succession planning. We’ll also reimagine on-the-job resources and development programs that grow talented individuals in your organization.

  • •Define learning pathways and recognize the benefit of development programs in the employee lifecycle
  • •Discuss expectations between employees and employers (mindset, motivation, development, HIPO, succession)
  • •Consider examples of on-the-job resources to implement in an organization
Jenna Feely, Sr Instructional Designer - SC JOHNSON