432: Impactful Learning for Busy Healthcare Practitioners: Micro-modules, Modeling Videos, and Meaningful Interactions

28 Oct 2019
Coronado S/T

Agencies that provide behavioral healthcare are under high demands to provide effective treatment. Staff have little time to sit through traditional instructor-led workshops or even lengthy web-based training. Our challenge was to develop a learner-friendly e-learning resource for a diverse and busy audience of practitioners. Our solution was an interactive and engaging digital learning experience consisting of micro-modules, videos depicting real-life scenarios modeling new skills, and reference materials for more in-depth learning. In this session you will learn how:

  • •A platform can be set up to deliver ongoing performance support with micro-modules and a resource library
  • •Learning assets can be used to create awareness, knowledge, and interest in a new way of providing treatment
  • •Interactive learning experiences and video can meet a variety of learner needs and model behavior in real-life scenarios
Paul Margolies, Associate Director for Practice Innovation and Implementation - Center for Practice Innovations, New York State Psychiatric Institute