930: How To Grow as A Person and Become A More Effective Leader Using Mindfulness

30 Oct 2019

This session will explain the concept of mindfulness and living in the moment in simple practical terms. We will learn the theory behind this ancient but very powerful technique and also have an opportunity to practice it in real time.
Mindfulness can have a profound transformative impact on our personality and it can immensely enhance our leadership skills, including our emotional intelligence, our global thinking and our ability to truly value diversity.
We will learn how to live most key areas of our life mindfully.

  • 1. Clear understanding of the theory and practice of Mindfulness and Living In The Moment
  • 2. How the practice of Mindfulness can transform our personality
  • 3. How the practice of Mindfulness can make us a much more effective and inclusive leader
Deepak Sethi, CEO - Organic Leadership