342: How to Bring Social Learning to Life

28 Oct 2019
Coronado G

Successful L&D professionals are always seeking ways to engage their workforce through learning and sharing knowledge. One way to learn is through “social learning” – engaging with peers, working together to share knowledge and information with the intent to increase overall performance. Merck have been working on their social learning platform for just over a year. Find out how they established their seven criteria points to create ‘SPARK' - their social learning platform.

  • •Find out about the key drivers that led Merck to a more social learning way of educating & engaging their learners
  • •How to find a balance of shared value between your organization and your learners, enabling you to build more successful learning communities
  • •Discover how Merck established their core community principles, and how you can use their methodologies to do the same
Ray Cairnes, Director of Consulting (Americas) - Fuse Universal
Joseph Ritter, director - Learning and HR Services Management Solutions and Strategy
Nancy Longo, associate director - merck