812: How Learning and Development Can Initiate and Empower Cultural Change

29 Oct 2019
Fiesta 5
Sales Training, Organizational Change

Two years ago, Verizon rocked the digital media world by acquiring Yahoo and AOL. Verizon's intention was to build a legitimate contender in the digital media world. The task was monumental in trying to unify teams, products, practices, and culture. The Verizon Media L&D team was able to build and leverage strategic partnerships to enact true cultural change. This effort has already created a unifying philosophy in how Verizon Media goes to market, services, and sells to clients. Participants will leave this session with:

  • •Actionable practices that can help L&D become mission-critical to the business
  • •Ideas about how to build strategic relationships with stakeholders
  • •A plan to leverage learning as a stimulus for culture change
Michael Hyatt-Evenson, Head of Global Sales Learning and Development - Verizon Media