820: Growth Mindset: Growing it in the Workplace

29 Oct 2019
Durango 1
Growth Mindset

“Growth mindset” is a popular development topic for many leaders, but a browser search on related learning exercises for adults will yield few results. This session is designed to fill that gap through shared experiences and creative energy. Participants will learn about and participate in several activities designed to build a growth mindset; then, ideate about new activities in small groups. Everyone will leave with a list of potential ideas to use in the design and development of their own learning programs!

  • Experience first-hand what fixed and growth mindsets sound like in your own subconscious
  • Increase “possibility thinking” around what it takes to grow this capacity in yourself and others
  • Create a list of potential ideas for the design and development of practical exercises on this topic
Joel Lamoreaux, Organization Effectiveness Consultant - Deluxe, Corp.