811: Gamification vs. Games-For-Learning: The Final Battle

29 Oct 2019
Fiesta 6
Gaming for Learning

“Gamification” is problematic. We know because we’ve tried it! But we’ve also tried using actual games to help employees learn, and we feel that a game might be the most compelling learning architecture around. We’ll share our success stories and failure stories that helped shape this point of view and that may help you avoid costly investments in ineffective approaches. We invite you to challenge our perspectives and reshape your own, all while we play a live game! Join us to:

  • • Define the key differences between Gamification and “Playable Learning” (our new term for Games for Learning)
  • • Learn about what's worked, what's failed, and some things we're still figuring out
  • • Define your own plan of attack in the battle of Gamification vs. Games for Learning
Bob Gerard, . - Accenture
Dana Alan Koch, Learning Research and Innovation Lead - Accenture