250: Games for Learning: Engagement, Onboarding & Fun!

28 Oct 2019

Note: This session will be repeated on Tuesday at 9:15am

If you’re curious about how games can be leveraged for workplace learning, break away for an hour and join us to play one of two games we built to engage our sales teams. Our digital “escape kit” and traditional board game were built to reinforce other parts of our larger workshops and onboarding programs. We’ll briefly share some background on these projects and “turn you loose” to get hands-on with these experiences. Join this session to:

  • • Learn about our process for creating gamified experiences to supplement traditional learning
  • • Gain first-hand experience with the difference that gamification makes in knowledge retention and transfer
  • • Ask us direct, candid questions about how we “sold” gamification initiatives up the chain of command and built those ideas into real learning efforts
Scott Hammond, Senior Manager, Field Sales Effectiveness - Autodesk
Travis Jones, Director, Enablement & Events - Autodesk