512: Enduring Human Capabilities: Preparing Employees for the Future of Work

29 Oct 2019
Monterrey 1
Human Skills (vs. Innovation/Tech)

The work of the future will be performed by an “augmented workforce”: people working with and enabled by technology and automation. We need to better equip our professionals to adapt and thrive in this environment where the work, workforce, and workplace are always changing. While technical learning will continue to help develop this future workforce, certain enduring human capabilities must also be built and cultivated to help professionals collaborate, create, and perform. This session will focus on:

  • • How the future of work is changing the development landscape
  • • Why and how Deloitte is doubling down on development of Enduring Human Capabilities within its own workforce
  • • The 6 Enduring Human Capabilities on which we are focused
Eric Dingler, Managing Director - Deloitte Services LP
Graham Johnston, .Talent Development Leader - Deloitte