"431: Creating a Collaboration Culture by ""Working Out Loud"""

28 Oct 2019
Coronado M/N
Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Technical Enablement

There is a vast amount of knowledge trapped in silos within our workforces. We all want to unlock this knowledge, so we invest in software to get people communicating and collaborating. But it takes more than tools, it takes behavior change. At PTC we piloted the free-to-use Working Out Loud program with a communication framework built on Office 365. Learn about our approach and our results and decide if you can leverage this program, too.

  • Apply a communication framework to communication and collaboration tools like SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, and Teams
  • Convince leaders that their participation in an internal communication framework is critical to success
  • Pilot the (free-to-use) Working Out Loud guides as a behavior change program to break down silos
Adrian La Sala, Field Communication & Engagement Sr Manager - PTC