750: Compliance & Learning: Let’s Benchmark!

29 Oct 2019
Coronado P/Q

Compliance is the greatest force and disrupter in corporate workplace learning. In some industries, over 70% of all wage hours dedicated to training and learning are in the compliance and regulatory arena. For some companies, compliance learning competes with performance improvement programs for time, attention, and resources. And, many companies respond in an overly “submissive” manner to compliance requirements, rather than offering effective and creative alternatives to mass compliance-focused instruction and testing. Join this session to share your current practices, lessons learned, and answers to these questions:

  • • Compliance and learning strategies: how can organizations combine regulatory requirements with mainstream learning programs - through blending and statistical sampling?
  • • Compliance dashboards: how can we create employee dashboards - linked to LMS and xAPI systems - that reflect current and changing compliance requirements?
  • • How can we facilitate brave and risky compliance conversations that learning and development leaders should have with internal legal departments, risk management groups, and even external regulators (yes, they are ready to dialogue!)?
Richard Culatta, CEO - Innovative Learning