810: Building a New Learning Platform for Entrepreneurs

29 Oct 2019

While the idea of using a focus group when developing new products is nothing new, it is exceptionally crucial when you are developing a Learning Management System (LMS), especially when the audience is comprised of entrepreneurs. Hear about the lessons we learned from building a brand new LMS for real estate agents, by working hand-in-hand with our end users from the very beginning of the conception stage for the platform.

  • The benefits of building an LMS instead of purchasing one
  • Why it is crucial that you work with end users to develop platforms that provide them with what they need.
  • How working with entrepreneurs is a unique experience and you must understand what their specific needs are when developing a LMS for them
Linda Caicedo, Technical Product Manager - Realogy
Bonnie Sue Lovelace, Senior Director of Multimedia and Delivery - Realogy