920: Biometrics & Learning: Is the Learner Who They Say They Are in an Online World?

30 Oct 2019
Biometrics in Learning

When offering online courses, how do you know that the people taking them are who they say they are? That is a question the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) had to seriously consider and answer. Through a mandate by Congress, CSBS has responsibility for administering the prelicensure and continuing education program for over 140,000 state-licensed mortgage loan officers nationwide. During this session, we’ll share the various authentication options CSBS explored, our decision-making progress, and these key areas of consideration and implementation:

  • Biometrics: what they are and some of the associated legal/social concerns
  • Lessons learned and data analysis from implementing a gesture-based biometric solution
  • Real-world strategies to implement more secure authentication requirements – without compromising access or convenience
Rich Madison, .Sr. Director - Conference of State Bank Supervisors