311: Appreciation, Gratitude & Recognition for Improved Company Culture

28 Oct 2019
Coronado M/N
Wellness - "gratitude"

Three years ago, we developed and offered our first session on gratitude at one of our employee learning events. The response to the topic surprised us: a floodgate of emotion opened as employees experienced first-hand what a simple act of thankfulness can do for the soul. Come hear our story and learn how you too can create a focus on gratitude within your organization. We’ll share what we’ve learned along the way about why gratitude can be foundational to your efforts in both recognition and appreciation.

  • • Understand the differences among recognition, appreciation, and gratitude
  • • Review the design and implementation of our gratitude session, including key resources and exercises
  • • Explore ways to introduce this work into your company culture
Joel Lamoreaux, Organization Effectiveness Consultant - Deluxe, Corp.