601: AI, Automation, Smart Tech & Learning

29 Oct 2019
Fiesta 6

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, facial recognition, and other “smart tech” are on the radar screens of business, IT, and now Learning & Development. Learning professionals must develop readiness to understand, leverage, and adapt our approaches as these technologies emerge in our organizations. We will present an “AI & Learning mind map” to explore trends in each of these technologies, focusing on how they might impact talent, learning approaches, and workplace culture. Examples from China, K-12 education, and corporate learning will be detailed in this session, which will cover:

  • • AI and education: a mind map for tracking and understanding smart tech
  • • Personalization, automation, and data-driven learning design
  • • Ethical and cultural issues: AI and selection, bias in machine learning, automation impacts careers
Serene Wang, ceo - EliteLink Education
Elliott Masie, Learning Event Founder and Chair - The Learning CONSORTIUM