230: Agile Learning: Teams, Trust, Engagement & Empowerment

28 Oct 2019
Fiesta 5

Do you ever wish you could focus on your most vital priorities, inspire your team, drive impact, and have more engaged sponsors? We do too! To achieve these goals, we embarked on a journey to Agile. And then…the questions began! How can we make Agile work in learning? What about geographically dispersed teams? Is "pure scrum" the right answer? We will share our lessons learned while giving you the tools to start experimenting with Agile today. Join our session to:

  • • Learn about Accenture’s journey to Agile, how we’ve measured our results, lessons learned, and quick wins
  • • Discover how Agile, Scrum, and Kanban can be used to help your learning and development team gain trust, efficiency, and transparency
  • • Build your own flexible toolkit of ideas and approaches to use with your team; start experimenting today!
Caro Paduch Olivares, Learning and Leadership Development Senior Manager - Accenture
Carey Paquette, Senior Manager, Learning & Leadership Development - Accenture