310: Agile Learning & Development

28 Oct 2019

Today’s organizations are rapidly transforming to meet customer and consumer needs. The Agile methodology can help learning and development professionals keep pace or stay ahead of this shift and guide others along the journey! While Agile is best known in the IT and software development worlds, it is first and foremost a mindset, anchored by a set of values and principles that can be applied to L&D organizations. Join us to understand how we kick-started our Agile transformation as we explore:

  • • How we harness the power of cross-functional teams and a new role for managers
  • • Our application of rapid experimentation, continuous value delivery, and evolutionary design
  • • Examples of what’s working, what’s failed, and our lessons learned to date
Dennis Callahan, Learning Solutions Leader - Travelers Insurance
Brandon Frechette, Agile Coach - Travelers Insurance