111: Agile Design for Faster & Better Learner-Centric Designs

28 Oct 2019
Fiesta 5

“Agile”: one of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years. The Agile design approach offers clear benefits for learning designers, organizations, and – most importantly – our learners. So, how exactly does Agile fit with learning? How can we adapt something that stems from software development and product features to our world of subject matter experts, learning and performance objectives, metrics, and reporting? How can it help us create and implement effective learner-centric designs? Join us to learn more about:

  • • Which Agile principles and approaches offer maximum benefit, and which need to be altered or discarded
  • • The advantages, challenges, and suggested workarounds for using Agile’s short feedback loop
  • • Techniques to develop an Agile mindset within your teams and to communicate with stakeholders
Elissa Mouawad, Senior Learning Solutions Expert - McKinsey & Company
Gaby Luft, Learning Manager, Professional Standards and Risk - McKinsey & Company
Ron Rabin, Learning Design Manager - Mckinsey & Company