910: A Creative Spark in Modality

30 Oct 2019
Fiesta 5

There is certainly more in our “toolbox” these days that whiteboards and PowerPoints! Join our panel of learning leaders as they discuss how the right modality can activate engagement and propel business outcomes. Our leaders have designed and launched learning programs utilizing podcasts, virtual reality, television series, chatbots, games, cartoons, and more. Join us for a “gamified” and meaningful discussion on ways you can:

  • •Engage employees (and conference attendees) with gamification, character development and storytelling
  • •Reach your audience with podcasts, virtual reality, television series, and other modalities in a calculated sequence and story
  • •Quickly launch and beta test technology to minimize costs and gain stakeholder buy-in
Benjamin Provolt, Program Manager, Worldwide Learning - Microsoft
Clint Clarkson, Author - L&D Scene Comics
Alicia Graham, Training and Development Manager - Nestle Purina Pet Care
Jeremy Browder, . - Facebook
Matthew Ferguson, . - Hersha Hospitality Management