510: 5G – It’s Coming: Learning Impacts Ahead

29 Oct 2019
5G - Tech Transformation

When it comes to connecting the world, 5G will soon change everything. This technology will reshape work and life, and it requires workforces to reshape themselves through learning. Understanding 5G today is essential to preparing for its impact tomorrow. Where there’s a will AND a skill, there’s a way! Making 5G a reality pushes Ericsson to evolve our learning in order to equip our people for what we know – and don’t know – lies ahead. Join this session to learn about:

  • • What 5G is and how it will shift and shape our futures – especially our workplaces
  • • How our workforces must evolve themselves through learning to prepare for the future of work
  • • How we’re redefining our employees’ experience to make 5G readiness everyone's business
Vidya Krishnan, Global Chief Learning Officer - Ericsson