Most of us probably have a pile of Learning & Development books that we have yet to read, but have every intention to get day. Take the time at Learning 2019 to tackle one and gather with fellow learning professionals to discuss how to use the learnings when back at your job. Members of the Learning 2019 Community have voted to select the two books they would most like to read and discuss at this year's event, and they are:

Book Club Winners

Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions by Clark N Quinn

How We Learn And Why It Happens by Benedict Carey

The Learning 2019 Book Club will be facilitated by Mandi Christensen, Training Manager at Chewy (and former 30 Under 30 Member), with the support of the ATD Bookstore, which will have additional copies of the selected books available for purchase on site. We will meet at lunch on Monday and Tuesday to discuss each book.

The Learning 2019 Book Club is co-sponsored by ATD.

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While we have already selected our two winners for this year, all of these books come HIGHLY recommended...