We are very excited to introduce a special group of friends who are providing guidance on Learning 2019's themes and content. 

Ben Provolt, Microsoft 

Bob Mosher, APPLY Synergy

Dana Koch, Accenture

David Kelly, eLearning Guild

Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies

Elliott Masie, The MASIE Center & Learning CONSORTIUM

Frank Nguyen, Learning Executive

Kathy Tague, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Larry Nicholson, American Integrity Insurance Company

Mandi Christensen, Chewy

Matthew Daniel, The Learner Collective

Nigel Paine, NigelPaine.com

Rebecca Stromeyer, eLearning Africa

Richard Culatta, ISTE

Why we come to "Learning"...

“I attended my first Learning conference in 2015 as part of the 30 under 30 program and have been back many times since. This conference is different (in a good way), each time I attend I leave with new connections and new ideas. Through the Learning conference, I have been able to bring learning escape rooms, bot technology and gamification to the learners at my companies.” - Mandi Christensen, Chewy

“The annual Learning conferences have been an important part of my career development – to stay current and separate fad from true value, to benchmark within and outside my industry, to envision a future based on what’s possible,  and then later be able to come back and share my honest results, what worked and what did not. I look forward to our annual pilgrimage with my team as I know the content, networking and immersive experiences will be time well spent.” - Kathy Tague, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

“Anytime I walk away from a conference with practical things to do today, inspiration for the future, and connections with like-minded people, I feel it was a great investment of my time.  That has been my experience with the annual Learning conference for the last decade. After intense days of learning, I leave better equipped to create compelling and lasting learning experiences for learners.”  - Dana Alan Koch, Accenture 

“One thing that I like most about the Learning Conferences is that there are always relevant topics to learn from that you can take back to your workplace to benefit the company and its employees. The networking opportunities at the conference are fantastic, I have met some of my nearest colleagues today through the Learning Conferences”. - Larry Nicholson, American Integrity Insurance Group

“’Learning’ is the four days every year when I’m amongst ‘my people.’ Over the past five years, this event has been the centerpiece to building my network across the country, pushing my own understanding of the competencies required for modern L&D professionals, and seeing what’s happening amongst the biggest and brightest companies across the country. In fact, every December I set aside a few days to process the things that I’ve heard at Learning as I’ve interacted with my peers and challenge myself to think differently in the next year and identify what I want to test and learn. The energy for this event is always over the top, there are always a number of sessions to pick from, and I’ve come to expect the unexpected at this event. I hope you’ll join me.” - Matthew J Daniel, The Learner Collective