Business Changes Drive Learning Changes!

At Learning 2019 we will look at the impact of ever increasing business challenges, and how changes and shifts in our work are driving learning changes:

Join Learning 2019 to explore how these changes will impact Learning:

  • Business Demands – the need for speed, new technology and tougher talent requirements
  • Workforce Shifts – changing career patterns, multiple generations, and workers’ changing expectations
  • Globalization – require a broader perspective, different skills and changes in the way we communicate
  • Automation – rapidly shifting roles, new tasks and a whole new learning skill set

Learning 2019 will bring you and your colleagues new insights, perspectives, best practices, difficult challenges, and innovations in the world of workplace learning!


Healthy minds and bodies create better learning and working outcomes – In keeping with Sanjay Gupta’s (Author of Chasing Life) keynote session, we will explore how learning organisations can help to foster a healthy workforce in a hectic modern society. {small pic of Sanjay). Don’t forget you can also enjoy morning Yoga and mindfulness sessions each day.

We Want Your Ideas

We are now deep into the design of Learning 2019, and have opened up Call for Presentations. If you have an idea for a session or experience that you would like to present, facilitate or participate in at Learning 2019, please tell us here

We'll continue to evolve our Learning 2019 Themes and content over the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for updates!